Your SAP Tutorial and Training Options


SAP professionals are some of the most sought after business professionals in the market today. This is with good reason as SAP is the biggest ERP software vendor in the world with the biggest market share. SAP definitely is not the same small corporation that grew out of Walldorf in the 1980s. It is now a business ERP modules software used by more companies than its rivals Oracle and Microsoft. It is currently reported to be used by 46,000 companies/customers worldwide!!!

Want to Learn SAP ?

SAP has grown into a system of systems with a vast array of features and functional offering and anyone who wishes to learn SAP will most surely not go through classes that can be finished in a session or two. SAP education has become an industry in itself and, in a sense, a significantly worthwhile journey for any professional in the business field.

The number of training courses out there should be as many as the number of modules, systems, applications and programs available to the industries. And there are quite a lot! From introductory courses to training courses related to their modules such as CRM, Financials, Human Resources (HR), Product Life Cycle Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, NetWeaver, Business Programming (SAP ABAP), to sub-modules and to applications that are industry specific. There are definitely plenty of training to go around.

SAP Tutorial and Training Options

As with many things in this age of the high-speed Internet communication, people now also have more than one option as far as SAP training is concerned. Classroom courses are, expectedly, the usual choice and there are plenty of them out there that offer this method of teaching. However, this route can be a very expensive route and can only be afforded by company sponsored trainees or students.

Online SAP training is a fast growing mode of SAP education and is being chosen by many who wish to go about learning at a pace set by the learner. It is also a cheaper alternative to the traditional classroom training method (which can go up to thousands of dollars).

If you are looking for SAP tutorials and more information about the best ways to learn one of the best business software platforms, I suggest you bookmark this website now. More tips and tricks are upcoming.

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