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ABAP or Advanced Business Application Programming was derived from a 1970s programming language used for reporting purposes but it was eventually transformed into an “interpreted language for reporting and dialog programming” in the following decade when it was actively used in the SAP R/2 system as its report language. Then later (starting just before the 1990s), as ABAP/4, it became the main programming language that will bring us the SAP R/3.

ABAP is now a full blown object-oriented (OO) programming language which is considered as one of the high-level languages out there positioned alongside similar high level programming languages such as Java (which has also been adopted by SAP in creating applications). Another good thing about this language is can be used as a hybrid programming model where you can adopt the “OO” model using interfaces and classes or you could go the route of the event-driven model through function and dialog modules, subroutines, etc.

The ABAP syntax is similar to that of COBOL and is fairly easy to learn if you are a trained software developer. On the other hand, it is not a language that can be easily used and understood by non-developers or non-programmers.

ABAP (and Java) is the language used to develop applications for the SAP NetWeaver platform.

SAP ABAP Books, Jobs, Training

There is no lack of training materials out there for any software developers. SAP tutorial and training sites are in abundance on the Internet and online SAP training is big business.

There is not surprising as SAP ABAP programmers or developers are some of the highest paid geeks out there. And more are going to be hired by companies adopting this platform when more SAP ABAP jobs open up.

If you are interested in learning the SAP ABAP language, you might want to check out this cheap online SAP training page for your SAP tutorial needs.


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